Frequently Asked Questions

You will find some frequently asked questions about staking below which should help if you are new to this topic. Feel free to write us an email our join out telegram channel if you have other questions!


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How much ADA will I earn if I start staking?

The rewards will be about 5% - 6% per year

When will I get my first rewards?

It takes about 15-20 days to get your first rewards after you start staking. From this time on rewards will be send to your staking address every 5 days.

What is the minimum amount of ADA to start staking?

There is no minimum amount of ADA that you need to start staking. But

Is it safe to stake Cardano?

Staking is absolutely safe, because you will be in full control of your ADA coins. Even the staking pool to which you delegate has no access to your funds or rewards.

Is it possible to delegate to multiple pools?

Currently it is not possible to delegate to multiple pools from one wallet. You have to split your ADA coins to multiple wallets if you like to delegate to different pools at the same time.

Are my ADA coins locked if I stake them?

No. Your ADA coins are not locked during staking and can be spend everytime you like to.

Which ADA wallets can I use to start staking?

There are three different wallets that you can use for staking: Daedalus, Yoroi and Adalite.

Can I stake using a hardware wallet?

Yes. Both Yoroi and Daedalus support the hardware wallets Ledger Nano S/X and Tresor Model T.

Do I need to claim my rewards?

No. Your rewards will automatically be added to your staking balance.

Are there any fees if you start staking?

You have to pay a deposit of 2 ADA for the first time you delegate your coins in your wallet to a staking pool. This deposit will be payed back to your wallet address after you undelegate your wallet. In addition you will also have to pay a transaction fee which is about 0.17 ADA.

How do I add more ADA to my stake?

When you start staking you will delegate your full wallet. Any new amount of ADA that you add to your wallet will be automatically added to your stake.

Is it possible to switch to another staking pool?

Yes. You can switch the pool you are staking at anytime you like to. Please note that your staked ADA will be active in the new pool 2 epochs later.

Why should I not stake at an exchange?

Not your keys, not your coins!

You should always move your coins from the exchange to your own wallet and stake from there. Otherwise you won't be in control of your coins and there is a risk to loose them if the exchange gets hacked.