Welcome to the Cardano Blockhouse

Cardano's Blockhouse welcomes you at our stake pool. We build Cardano's blocks! One experienced system administrator manages our stake pool 24/7 so that you can rely on best block rewards at all times. We're glad to serve you.

Our Mission: Reforestation!

Our worldwide trees are one of the most important parts of the global carbon cycle. They are absorbing carbon dioxide by photosynthesis.

We decided using a part of our profits to plant trees wordwide through the company primaklima.org
2021-06: 10 trees have been planted in Boaco (Nicaragua)
2021-09: 10 trees have been planted in Esteli (Nicaragua)
2021-10: 30 trees have been planted in Boaco (Nicaragua)
2021-11: 30 trees have been planted in Esteli (Nicaragua)
2021-12: 50 trees have been planted in Boaco (Nicaragua)

Cardano Blockhouse

Pool ID: c4039f4fa97ed735b884800d6d605dbc65fbe995c4ba70b532e162a2


Pool ID: c4039f4fa97ed735b884800d6d605dbc65fbe995c4ba70b532e162a2

Margin: 1%

Fixed Cost: 340


Stake with us at Cardano Blockhouse

  • earn average 5-6% of your stake as rewards (set by the cardano protocol)
  • help us to make the cardano network more decentralized
  • any small amount of staked ada is welcome

Let's make the cardano network more decentralized!

We decided to promote other small pools as our main goal is to decentralize the cardano network. Therefore we will select one small pool randomly every single day and post the details below. We will also make a daily tweet with the details of the promoted pool.

No livetime blocks until now
Active stake below 1 million ADA
Pledge greater that 1000 ADA
Fees are on low level

Promoted pool of today

[EAS] - EAS Pool

Livetime blocks: 0

Delegators: 12

Active stake: 6911.960871 ADA

Pledge: 1950.00 ADA

Fixed Cost: 340 ADA

Margin: 0%

Pool Details